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Welcome to WeLoveMagic, a celebration of magic in all its forms. I hope you enjoy your visit.

cupsballsMy name is Georgie and I have loved magic all my life. Since 2003, when I began to get to know some magicians, I’ve become increasingly interested in not only experiencing magic but also creating it. In June 2016, I’m proud to say, I became a member of The Magic Circle.

This website is intended to help people who are on that journey themselves, who have recently decided they want to become magicians, and it’s also for lay people who love magic. In other words, it’s not for experienced, established magicians (though, of course, you’re very welcome to have a look and to contact me with any suggestions you may have).


More and more live performances of magic and illusion are taking place all over Britain these days. If you want to see a magic show, this site has suggestions for where to find one, along with recommendations and reviews.

If you’d like to experience magic up close and personal, a great way to do this is to book a magician to create magic at your own party.


If you’re just starting out as a magician, you’ll find lots of advice and suggestions to help you improve your performance and thrive in the world of magic. You’ll also find interviews with successful magicians, to guide and inspire you, and recommendations for books and DVDs to teach you magic and some tricks that are easy to learn but pack a punch.

News and Comment

Usually you’d find just above here a section telling you about upcoming magic shows. Unfortunately, for the past few years I’ve been so overloaded with day-job work that I’ve been unable to keep my finger properly on the pulse of the magic world. I apologise for the downturn in news and reviews. I miss it greatly and normal service will be resumed as soon as possible.

And that was before the coronavirus! However, I have got news about one live show:

Steve Price, Gold Star Member of the Inner Magic Circle, normally seen on prestigious cruises, is putting on a show in Liverpool, called Magic on the Mersey. You can click on the link and book through the website.

More dates are being added on an ongoing basis and I’m hoping to get to a performance in October.