About Me and This Website

GeorgieMy name is Georgie and I love magic! When I was a child, my grandfather and I used to show each other tricks but after he died I lost the momentum and my interests followed other paths – mainly languages, politics and acting/public speaking. Throughout that time, I sought out magic to watch but I didn’t think about creating it myself until fairly recently. In 2003, that legend in his own living room – and mine – Iain Moran came to the language school I was then running, to learn Italian for a lecture he was going to give in Italy. There began a friendship that has opened up the world of magic to me and taught me an enormous amount about how to perform, present and enjoy magic.

Since then, I’ve seen all sorts of fantastic magic, at shows, at conventions, at places I would never have got into if I hadn’t been able to go as Iain’s guest (including The Magic Circle in London and The Magic Castle in Hollywood). And slowly slowly, over the years, I have become a magician myself. I’ve learnt some close-up magic and even thought up a couple of little effects of my own. At Iain’s one-man theatre shows, I’ve acted as compère and done some stand-up magic myself, to give Iain some breathing space.

In 2008, it occurred to me there was a gap in the cybermarket for a website catering for new magicians and for lay people who want to see magic and learn more about it – so I decided to build one and this is it. Five years later, it was getting old and shabby and I gave it a makeover. More interviews (and ebooks) will follow in time but these days I’m busier than I used to be, working as a coach and consultant in effective communication, a role that has evolved from the decades I’ve spent teaching public speaking.

Whether you’re looking for a magic show to go to, wanting to hire a magician to perform at an event you’re planning, in the process of becoming a magician yourself, or simply interested in finding out more about magic and magicians, I hope you’ll find this website useful. Do let me know if there is anything specific I haven’t covered that you would like to see on WeLoveMagic.