High Jinx Magic & Illusion Show

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High Jinx

Michael Jordan is a rising star in the magic firmament and definitely one to watch. He is a gifted magician with an additional repertoire of circus skills that he integrates into his routines, he is a likeable performer as well as a very professional one and he knows how to put together a show that will be enjoyed by people of all ages and backgrounds.

Despite having won several prestigious prizes and toured the world with his own show, Michael remains a down-to-earth Huddersfield boy. His partner, the excellent Tamsyn Sear, is equally grounded and extremely talented in her own right.

I’ve seen High Jinx perform at many conventions over the years, back when the other half of the act was Michael’s sister Siobhan and more recently with Tamsyn, and they have always been both impressive and entertaining. It’s a clever combination of age-old tricks and illusions, presented in a slick and modern way, with quirky and original ideas, creating a show that’s a bit different but still in keeping with the time-honoured traditions of magic.

Last year’s show at the Horseshoe was a great night out and this year’s is even better. It’s packed with beautifully executed illusions, more intimate cabaret magic involving audience participation, and a few unexpected scenes featuring ‘special guests’. Michael’s ability to juggle, eat fire and ride a unicycle brings an extra dimension to the already varied proceedings: there really is something for everyone.

I’m not the only one who thinks this show is well worth making the effort to see – on Trip Advisor, the High Jinx Magic & Illusion Show is rated number 1 of the 50 attractions in Blackpool, with practically every review giving it 5 stars – and I urge you to get there if you possibly can.

The Horseshoe theatre/bar is arranged in the American style, with tables around the stage. Doors open an hour before the show starts, so you can get there early and have a (reasonably substantial) snack. You can drink throughout the performance if you wish to, though there is no obligation or pressure to buy anything beyond tickets. Whether you want to consume or not, I suggest you turn up in good time because the seating is unreserved.

This season’s show runs till 3rd November. Order your bargain tickets from Blackpool Pleasure Beach.


  1. My wife and I saw it last week. I saw it the year before too and have to agree that while last year’s was good, this year’s is better.
    I’ve known Michael since he was a youngster and always enjoyed his magic. He deserves his place in magic.
    I fully endorse all that you said.

    • Thank you very much for commenting, Stevie.

      If you know Michael personally, it must be particularly satisfying watching him go from strength to strength.